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Special post: Metasurfaces, not just meta-materials for light

In beautiful, Science, technology on May 8, 2014 at 7:23 am

This is cool! Refractive glass spherical optics were the standard for about 300 years, but in the past 30 years aspherical optics and plastic optics have become commercially viable, and in the past 20 years digital/diffractive optics have advanced tremendously, including the possibility of using flat surfaced lenses. The potential of photonic crystals and metamaterials (both of which can manipulate light via subwavelength structures) are still being developed, and this research group is pursuing the idea of concentrating on metasurfaces: manipulating light usingubwavelength engineering of just the surface, rather than the bulk, of a material.

I really look forward to seeing what this effort yields, and look forward to writing more about it: Collaborative “metasurfaces” grant to merge classical and quantum physicss.

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