Yvonne Carts-Powell


About this Blog
This blog extends the text of the book, The Science of Heroes by Berkeley Books. It covers interesting, alarming, and just plain cool science as well as interesting, alarming, and just plain cool science fiction.

About this Book
The Science of Heroes is fun, fact-filled examination of the science (or lack thereof) behind the hit television series Heroes.

Ordinary people with extraordinary powers populate the world of the NBC show Heroes, where characters exhibit such abilities as flight, telepathy, tissue regeneration, prognostication, invisibility, and teleportation through space and time.

The Science of Heroes explores these superpowers and many more through real-world research into the potential of human physical and mental capabilities. Citing the work of renowned scientists and engineers, Yvonne Carts-Powell reveals that even the least likely of powers has been studied—and in some cases, even developed. From the wonders found in nature and cutting-edge technological achievements to the latest discoveries in genetics and mutations, humanity might just possess the knowledge to achieve the extraordinary.

About the Author (official version)
Yvonne Carts-Powell is an internationally known science writer, and the author of The Science of Heroes. Her articles have appeared in such publications as New Scientist, ScienceNOW, and Editorial Humor. She is a public speaker, science panel participant, mentor and workshop leader. She is also a recipient of the James Madison University Physics Alumna of the Year Award.

She is a member of the National Association of Science Writers, which hosts Yvonne Carts-Powell’s professional webpage.

About the Author (informal version)
Hi! I’m having a good time blogging about science, nature, technology, and science fiction on screen and in print. I’m also a science writer, physicist, mom, folkie, music reviewer, and numerous other things. I do a lot of work on adaptive technologies for Harvard University.

I am available for interviews, book signings, and SF conventions. Drop me a comment here. Or email me at the address in the image below.


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