Yvonne Carts-Powell

From Academic Journals to the Media

In Science, writing on June 28, 2013 at 7:25 am

I have given several talks (and lots of private interviews) to scientists about dealing with the media, although I’m mostly talking to physicists and engineers. The gist of which is that both scientists and reporters are used to working with certain goals and assumptions and jargon and limitations, so even with the best will in the world miscommunication happens and published media stories get things wrong. This is especially likely with controversial or political topics (e.g. anything to do with sex) or complex topics (anything to do with particle physics, higher math).

A Cornell Human Development researcher wrote about her experience having a study picked up by the media, then used and sometimes abused. She said it was mostly a positive experience, but… here, read her blog post about it:

Sex Science News: From Academic Journals to the Media | The Sexy Science of Sex.


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