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madecurious.com – Explanation

In beautiful, Science on October 29, 2012 at 1:06 pm

We’ve got a hurricane moving towards us, so I’m going to post this quickly and get back to my storm day activities.

Click the link for a friendly-to-the-math-fearful description of the above picture. madecurious.com – Explanation.

Math is beautiful, not necessarily for it’s own sake, but because it can be used to describe the world exactly and concisely. Schodinger’s equation is right up there with Maxwell’s equations and E=mc^2 as beautiful and profound descriptors of the way reality works. As poems are for the human heart, these equations are to the physical universe. And the folks at Imperial College think so too, with their billboard and website describing Schodinger’s equation.

Okay, see you after the storm cleanup!

  1. Like your lead-in to the article. However, I think they went a little over the top in the article itself. Too many flowery adjectives for me and Ward.

    • Sometimes those flowery adjectives help, though.

      When a reader is well out of their depth, the author can help by slowing down the flow of information and adding adjectives that help readers figure out a sentence from context.

      I don’t know if you watch N3mbers, but they do a similar thing there: instead of taking integrals, the math on the chalkboard shows summations. For some reason, a capital sigma seems less intimidating to non-math people than an integral sign!

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