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Upcoming Appearances: Pi-Con

In book news!, hilarious on July 29, 2009 at 12:41 pm

Pi-Con Cookies! Image by Dan Noe, used with permission.Wow, I’ll be busy at Pi-Con! The organizers have scheduled me for a variety of serious and fun panels, as well as useful and wacky ones, with some really great panelists.

Blogging 101 with Hugh Casey, Katherine Toomajian, KT Pinto, Dusti Lewars, and Yvonne Carts-Powell (I’m moderating, and more than a little concerned about trying to keep bloggers in check). Friday (August 21) 5 pm in Venice.

Media Tie-ins with Terri Osborne and Keith R. A. Decandido, and Yvonne Carts-Powell (I’m moderating — which in this case largely means leaning back and letting Keith get on with it. Very funny guy.) Friday (August 21) 6 pm in Venice

Pride and Prejudice and Zombies reading with Joy Marchand, Jennifer Williams, and Yvonne Carts-Powell. (Fun!) Friday (August 21) 9 pm in Somers

Ask a Geek: Science, computers, tech with Drew Van Zandt, Mitch Morris, Eric Weimer, Tiffany M., and Yvonne Carts-Powell. (I’m moderating, and looking forward to getting our geeks on.) Friday (August 21) 10 pm in Venice

Will humans speciate? with George Claxton(M) Erin Whittey, Ed Bishop, and Yvonne Carts-Powell. Friday (August 21) 11 pm in Somers

Alternative Energy with Drew Van Zandt, Tom Wysmuller, Ed Bishop, and Yvonne Carts-Powell (I’m moderating. This is immediately after the Tai Chi session in Venice.) Saturday (August 22) 11 am in Venice.

Neuroscience of Zombies with Tiffany M., Ed Bishop, and Yvonne Carts-Powell. (Brains!) Saturday (August 22) 12 noon in Florence

Raising Fen Trisha Wooldridge, Vicky Weimer, Eric Weimer, David Sklar, and Yvonne Carts-Powell. (I’m moderating. And this looks like fun! We get to talk about our kids!) Saturday (August 22) 3 pm in Ellington

Gender in SF/F/H Fiction Lauren Burka, Joy Marchand, David Sklar(M), K.A. Laity, and Yvonne Carts-Powell. Saturday (August 22) 4 pm in Agawam

Reading with Joy Marchand(!) and Yvonne Carts-Powell. I’m looking forward to hearing Joy read from her work. Sunday (August 22) 10 am in Ellington

Science in Science Fiction with Mitch Morris, Erin Wittey, Allen Steele, Daniel Hatch, and Yvonne Carts-Powell (I’m moderating). Sunday (August 23) noon in Venice

10 Ways to Polish Your Writing with Raven Kaldera, Keith R. A. Decandido, Joy Marchand, Daniel Hatch, and Yvonne Carts-Powell (I’m moderating). Sunday (August 23) 2 pm in Somers

Fanfic Panel with Jennifer Williams(M), Julia Burton, Inanna Arthen, Sarah Hodge-Wetherbe, and Yvonne Carts-Powell. (Should I be scared?) Sunday (August 23) 3 pm in Somers

Also, The Science of Heroes will be available in the dealer’s room during the con.

Schedule subject to change


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