Yvonne Carts-Powell

Streaming video: NBC done good

In Heroes news on February 21, 2009 at 1:27 pm

I enjoy watching Heroes, but I am not an uncritical cheerleader for it, nor for NBC.

However, they got one thing right: streaming video from the NBC website. It is easy to find, and easy to play. I am, actually, happier watching the commercials online at NBC or Hulu than on the TV — although I watch more broadcast TV than anything else.

My household wanted to watch an episode of TNT’s Leverage last night. And after a good 15 minutes of futzing around on multiple computers, we gave up. The show was listed on Hulu, but it was a bait-and-switch that required us to go to TNT’s website. Then TNT wanted us to install a special plug-in and restart the browser, wanted us to set a number of permissions, and was generally confusing, low-volume, laggy, and skipped around a lot. If customers come to your site to watch one of your shows, but find that it’s less hassle to commute to one of the few bricks-and-mortar video stores left to rent a video tape, then you have a customer service problem.

We did not watch Leverage last night. We watched Cast a Deadly Spell, which was campy noir with a hint of zombies and Cthulu. We enjoyed it a lot. I recommend it.


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