Yvonne Carts-Powell

Superpower? Or cash?

In science fiction on February 10, 2009 at 1:31 pm

by Middlewick
Really, this post is all about my envy of Iron Man.

I’m even more overwhelmed than usual, these days. I wished I could pull a Hiro, and stop time, so that I’d have time to, you know, actually, get everything done.

Then I realized that stopping time just so I could do more work (that wouldn’t count towards billable hours) is not the optimal use of a superpower.

What I really need is a huge pile of cash, ala Tony Stark, so I could hire minions to do the work I didn’t want to do, and afford a really fantastic workshop for the work that I do want to do.

And I’d get/build robot helpers. (Why is there not a mobile robot dishwasher that trundles over to where we’ve eaten, clears the table, puts the dishes into itself, washes and dries the dishes, and then puts them away?) I can understand Tony being more comfortable with robots than with human helpers, sometimes.

Not that I wouldn’t welcome my very own Pepper Potts. Because she’s awesome!

Hmm. If that was my life, I might end up with an exoskeleton like Tony Stark did. Although I’d go carbon-fiber, Tyvek, and GORE-TEX rather than, you know, iron or steel. For one thing, I’d have a better chance of maintaining my mobility if I ever encountered Magneto.


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