Yvonne Carts-Powell

Vericon, for the win!

In book news! on January 28, 2009 at 7:13 pm

Vericon was lovely! I’m still a bit fried, but, in point form:

  • Kim Stanley Robinson had a lot of smart things to say, and now I’m fired up to read his Mars novels,
  • Greer Gilman (the author of “Moonwise” — which is a brilliant book, pretty much what Ulysses might have been if James Joyce had been a folkie. And female. And, you know, from New England.) has a new book coming out this spring!
  • Robert Redick’s reading was delightful, and I wish his books were already available in the US. (Check out Redick’s blog.)
  • The panels were a blast! I enjoyed chewing on the subjects with Catherynne Valente, Allen Steele, Paul Di Filippo, and Don D’Ammassa as well as the aforementioned Kim Stanley Robinson and Robert Redick.
  • I heard all sorts of good things about Conbust, the Smith College convention.

So a sincere thank you, to Jason and John and the rest of the Vericon staff — Oh, and especially to Nora, who ran the (quite good) art show.


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