Yvonne Carts-Powell

Liveblogging: The Eclipse, part 2

In Heroes Episodes on December 1, 2008 at 10:09 pm

Sylar and Elle, huh? Without powers but still thuggish enough to take what they want… sort of the new Bonnie and Clyde?

Noah Bennet as vigilante isn’t powerless. An ass, but not powerless. How long until Elle and Sylar get guns and this turns into a Western?

“All the wisdom of the world can be found in a comic book store!

The relationship between the eclipse and the the powers is may be, says Mohinder, “Gravity, electron density, maybe just a coincidence.” Okay, gravity yes. Electron density? What the heck does that have to do with anything? Next, he’ll be reversing the polarity of the neutron flow…

Okay, Daphne has a miserable horrible disease, and her powers improved her quality of life more than most of the others. But a disease is not a moral judgment, Daphne.

Oh, Hiro! The Hiro and Ando show has yet to get old. Best day ever!

Oh Peter! How satisfying is it that Peter finally saves Nathan? Been a long time coming.

Sylar: this is not the plan you agreed to. Also, why were you carrying Elle on her good side, rather than on the side of her hurt leg?

Oh dear… I wonder what the body count will be on this episode?

Wait, wait wait, Claire not healing means that her entire immune system fails?

And then the eclipse ends…

Claire heals, even afer she was more dead than less. With lots of witnesses.

Yay! Re-powered Nathan and The Haitian (oh, this is killing me, not having a name for him! Even though they threw the “names have power” line in) come back for Peter.

Okay, why is the Haitian willing to attack his brother Samedi now, but not before?

Being a hero gives people hope. Go comic book store gurus!

Huh. Nathan makes the argument, basically, that everyone should have a gun power, rather than only a few who could use it as a weapon against the less-powerful. Which… hm. Okay, an understandable position. This was not a concern of his before now? He has been jerked around by the powerful before, although maybe not shackled… He never articulated it that way when he was the one whose family had money, and privilege, and a variety of super- as well as (for want of a better word) secular powers.

Nathan, the bonus points you got for acknowledging that Peter done good? You just lost them again by abandoning him in a different country!

Sigh. Sylar, on the other hand… While I can see him going evil again, I could wish for some more character development to lead up to it. Besides the familiar Noah Bennet mind-games. And I really would have enjoyed Sylar and Elle doing a Bonnie-and-Clyde-style rampage.

Hm. When Hiro decides to move people, he doesn’t waste time, does he?

Still… props for letting so many of our characters interact, and in ways that make sense!

  1. “Wait, wait wait, Claire not healing means that her entire immune system fails?”

    Well, technically, if she hasn’t ever been sick in her entire life because of her powers(latent or not) wouldn’t she have failed to build up immunities to all kinds of viruses and diseases? In that state a simple cold could be able to kill her cause she wouldn’t have the correct antibodies(right word?) to fight it.

    Comic books rule.

  2. But, see, I am having two problems with that.

    First, we don’t know that she has had her powers all her life. Everyone else of her “generation” got them at the time of the first eclipse. Which would mean that she did have a normal working immune system before the eclipse. (And what, she never skinned a knee, all the time she was growing up? Childhood is a messy affair.)

    If she did have her powers while growing up, why should we assume that they were substantially different from normal? So far as we can tell, her healing ability is like ours, only much faster and able to recover from more damage than humans can. (Although not more than sea squirts can. They can be torn apart, and regenerate from the pieces.) So if her immune system was super-charged to be more aggressive than normal, and she lost her powers… wouldn’t she still have a normal immune system? She might not fight off new bugs as well but she’d still have the antibodies to all the bugs her immune system had encountered in the past.

    Maybe there is a way to make an immune system more naïve — but I don’t know about it.

  3. Actually, if Claire does end up being the catalyst, then all bets are off, until we know what that does.

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