Yvonne Carts-Powell

New England Fan Experience! Part 1

In book news! on November 23, 2008 at 1:03 am

I had a blast and talked to a number of lovely folks (pictures and links to follow).

As usual, con time was unlike time outside of a con: it was more intense, more active, and just crammed with exciting people and events, with both the sublime and the absurd. (I’ll let you guess which category covers the cosplayers from DeathNote and Pokemon and Sailor Moon doing the Chicken Dance around an iPod.)

My big excitement of the weekend? Meeting astronaut Story Musgrave! (He bought a book, too!)

Special thanks to all of you from my “Science of Heroes” panels! I could not have wished for a more thoughtful, more intelligent, or fun group of people to chew over the issues of Heroes and science. Sunday’s “Science on TV” panel ranged over an even wider range.

More when I download pics from the camera (which will wait until I find out where I put the cable).

  1. We talked over the weekend, and I asked you about connecting me with a psychology researcher who can track down the alleged studies I was told about (i.e., ‘adrenaline dating’) when I was at university.

    Email me off-blog with anything you find. Profuse thanks in advance for all of your assistance!

    Steph K.

  2. Hey Steph!

    I spoke to a psychologist who doesn’t know the study (but thought it sounded fascinating, and is going to look into it on her own time).

    She suggested that if Google isn’t working for you, you should try a library that has subscriptions or online access to psych journals. I know that some or all of the MIT libraries are open to the public (you have to sign in and show an ID) — might try there.

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