Yvonne Carts-Powell

Liveblogging "It's Coming"

In Heroes Episodes on November 17, 2008 at 9:58 pm

by Luc Viatour

Viva ByMoria! (Oops, wrong show)

Eclipses are pretty amazing. But not magic, although that’s the impression the show is giving.

Okay, so Papa Petrelli does what to Hiro? He’s acting like a stoner with the munchies. Who can teleport, but doesn’t remember that he can. Steal some memories, a la the Haitian?

Why are all the young characters so obvious and the old characters so devious?

“The catalyst isn’t something, it’s someone.” Um… wait, what was that that Mohinder was spouting.

Oh, now Peter is making the same mistake with Claire that Hiro did with Ando.

Sigh. Nathan, get over your Daddy issues! (Hey! He’s listening to me!) Ooh, and I like the ring he leaves behind when he flies

Ah, so Sylar learned how to grab powers without peering at brains? So he’s learned how to do Peter’s trick for picking up powers. Now, if only Peter can learn how to do Peter’s trick.

Comic-book stores are the source of all knowledge! And “9th Wonder” is our particular oracle.

It’s “Dynasty!” with superpower!

Is Mohinder’s hair getting progressively more “evil genius-like”?

Okay! We have sides lined up, and a metaphor for the hero’s journey.


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