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In Heroes Episodes on November 10, 2008 at 10:56 pm

By Netream
Backstory, ho!

Okay, so hold on a minute. Meredith makes flames and Clint makes fireballs? That’s the sort of related talents that I’d expect from people in the same family, but that aren’t shown in other families, like, say, D.L. and Nikki and Micah, or the Petrellis.

Mention of Claude! I’d love to “see” more of Claude! We like Claude.

Ooh Trevor, emo short-lived glass-breaking boy. And his finger-directed blasts could be done, relatively easily, with a focused (or soliton) sound. Although it’d be easier with antenna, or some sort of wave-shaping. [Edited to add: really, sound is far from the only option. He’s just delivering energy, in some form that we don’t see or hear. So it could be sound beyond our hearing — and probably at frequencies above our hearing rather than below. Or Trevor might be using infrared light to heat the glasses so quickly that they shatter. Or radio waves — if he could focus them to a fairly high energy and used waves that were resonant with the size of the glass, that could, conceivably, shatter the glass… I don’t know. ]

Ooh head-ripping-off — that’s pretty gruesome, Papa Petrelli.

So… so far as we can tell, Hiro and Matt are the only superpowered characters that haven’t changed their stripes in the course of the show… (well, Claude, too — he’s always been grouchy.)

  1. Is there a way to watch this with you? I find that missing much of season 2 has confused me..

  2. Hey Jack!

    Yeah, this episode was very backstory-intensive.

    Want to get onto a chat channel next week? Gmail would be pretty easy for me.

    Or wait… what is the time difference these days?

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