Yvonne Carts-Powell

Liveblogging: Dying of the Light

In Heroes Episodes on October 20, 2008 at 9:06 pm

by tim_ellis

Ha! Last week I called that stunt with Hiro and Ando exactly right.

Go Sandra! I wonder if there’s a support group for parents of superheroes? Something like PFLAG?

Eric has some pretty twisted ideas of love. Not to mention dating.

Oh Adam. I imagine that’s pretty hard to recover from. Papa Petrelli is a life-leach. Explaining that might be challenging.

by sandman
Meanwhile, Matt continues to talk to the turtle. (Actually it’s a tortoise. Although Matt may not know the difference.) And talking to Daphne. Daphne, who zips in and out of sight in a crowded public space without apparently exciting any interest from the people around her. Huh.

Nathan and Tracy visit Mohinder. And I have to wonder if Zimmerman also experimented on himself.

An injection “tags unusual DNA”? That’s an excitingly vague promise, Mohinder. Ah, okay, it’s actually the latest appearance of DARTH MOHINDER.

Daphne zips in and out of Level 5 without tripping security alarms?

Sylar is having a crisis of conscious, Peter is being a brat — stuck in demanding unreasonable accommodations and rapidly heading for a meltdown.

Oh Hiro, still the comic relief. Even as you make bad decisions. And incur multiple headwounds.

Eric is plenty creepy, but not very interesting, from a powers POV. Is there a point to this other than horror story put-the-women-in-danger? Okay, being a sadist with powers makes a villain. And wow, Claire recovered much faster than previously!

Daphne, you still got Darth Mohinder in touch with Papa Petrelli.

Superpower cage fight! Advantage Darth Peter.

Uh… freezing doesn’t automatically make things weaker. More brittle maybe, but not necesarily weaker.

I like Usutu. Except for how he’s being used as the Magic Negro.

Papa Petrelli knew that Peter was coming? Ah, he’s not life leech, he’s a power leech.


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