Yvonne Carts-Powell

Liveblogging "Angels and Monsters"

In Heroes Episodes on October 13, 2008 at 9:14 pm

Okay I have problems with the premise, the binary choices of angel or monster, hero or villain.

Ooh, Meredith dissing Sandra Bennet for not being superpowered? Not the point, lady! People are people.

Hiro lacks some subtlety, but he does have some hot moves.

Ooh, Linderman talking to Daphne… but other people don’t see him. I think he’s using a version of Claude-vision. (No, no, he’s an illusion. Ah, welcome back, Nightmare Man!)

Mohinder = Shelob. Y/N? Discuss

Wow, Mohinder is really upping the bodycount of this season. And what is that… did he
cocoon the neighbor? Like a spider, pantrying meat for later?

Ooh Vortex-Man! How in the world would that work? (And who is Pinehearst?) Vortex-man apparently can create quite a sucking vacuum. Hm. Opening a wormhole into space? The amount of energy required would be phenomenal. And why couldn’t some of Sylar’s powers couldn’t mess with Vortex-Man.

Cantina scene! Specials for hire! I wonder if Wolverine is in the corner. Adam set that up rather nicely.

Of course Zimmerman worked for the Company. Synthetic abilities explains a lot. Gene therapy, without oversight or patient consent.

Oh Maya. Have you ever had a boyfriend who wasn’t a murderous superpowered wacko?

“A world of dangerous people” — is what we have always lived in.

Wow, this is like “The Revenger’s Tragedy.” Everyone is either a user or used, and usually both.

Aw, adieu Vortex-man! I hope the other end of the vortex put him someplace nice. Throwing oneself into a Cuisinart of one’s own making to avoid being used as a murder weapon is undoubtedly heroic. Phyrric, but heroic.

Wow, Daphne and Knox don’t even have to try particularly hard to manipulate Hiro.

Hm. That doesn’t seem at all like Hiro. Although… he can stop time, change swords, add a stage-blood pack inside Ando’s shirt, and tell Ando to fall down “dead”… alas, I fear Hiro may not be smart enough to do that. More his style: maybe he thinks he can come back “later” and get Ando to the hospital before he bleeds to death?

Puppet-master guy has Meredith, oh noes! How is his puppeteering different from Sylar’s telekinesis, though? Or Eden’s mind control?

Ah, Mama Petrelli is fighting Papa Petrelli! It’s all a particularly ugly domestic dispute!


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