Yvonne Carts-Powell

Liveblogging "One of us, one of them"

In Heroes Episodes on September 29, 2008 at 11:36 pm

Okay, Tracy might just freeze things, not turn them to water. You don’t add coldness to something: cold is just an absense of heat, and heat is kinetic energy. So Tracy’s power is pulling kinetic energy out of things very quickly. Without (apparently) pulling the kinetic energy out of everything. We have some technology that can do that: refrigerators and thermo-electric coolers. I think it was U. Penn. that had some recent work on new cooling systems?

Peter is stuck in the body of someone else. And although he seems to be thinking the same old way, he doesn’t have his old powers. How did that happen? And how did future!Peter shove him out? And where was Jesse during all that? And where was Peter’s body? Theorizing an explanation for that without resorting to “magic” is going to be a trick.

Mama Petrelli is shaping up to very evil indeed. Bridget, we hardly knew ye.

So Matt has found Isaac mark 2 (which is still time travel). One wonders whether there are two of every power?

Ooh, Sylar cleans up pretty. And snarky.

Micah! Still the cutest hacker ever!

So Meredith asphyxiates Claire, huh? I have some problems with Meredith’s power anyway, on a chemical scale, but I’m even more dubious of how airtight a shipping container is.

Dr. Zimmerman made clones, eh?


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