Yvonne Carts-Powell

Liveblogging "The Second Coming"

In Heroes Episodes, Heroes news on September 22, 2008 at 10:38 pm

…the second coming of hubris and misplaced guilt, maybe. Although the show makers get points for quoting Yeats in the voice-over.

Future results are not always indicative of present performance, Hiro!

Advice to the characters:

Mohinder, darling, this is why we have peer review. To keep passionate researchers from going bugf— nuts. Also, you have lousy research protocols.

Hiro, have you learned nothing in the past two seasons? Future results are not always indicative of present performance.

Mama Petrelli, I’m glad we finally (finally!) get to know that your power is dreaming the future. But you have that terrible supervillian tendency to tell the good guys (and passing sociopaths like Elle) too much! However, I am glad that you have more lines in this episode than you did the entire first two seasons put together. I sincerely hope that your fierce bitchiness is a sign of a hero pushed into a corner, but given the show’s handling of women thus far… I am worried for your character. Especially if you turn out to literally be the mother of most of our heroes and villains.

HRG, not only is it stupid to refuse Claire’s help, but it is particularly bad parenting to suggest that your high-school superpowered daughter needs her biological mother to super-babysit her. (Also, if I were your wife, I’d be kicking your absent ass to the curb about now.)

Tracy: Ooh, interesting power! Although how you turn the reporter to water when you freeze him is sort of problematic. True, our bodies are mostly made of water, but what about all those inpurities like, say, hemoglobin? One wonders if Tracy’s ability to turn all sorts of interesting molecules to H2O is similar to the power that Bob had (say goodbye, Bob!) to turn all sorts of interesting molecules to Au?


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