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Who is your favorite villain? And why?

In Heroes news on September 17, 2008 at 10:32 am

by tcmhitchhiker

This season of Heroes is all about villains, and I hope the show-makers are smart about it.

Getting villains right is tough: if they are too powerful, you might as well be fighting the Martians from “War of the Worlds” — there’s no human (ha!) interest.  If their flaws are too obvious, they aren’t interesting — sort of like the old-style Dr. Who Daleks, who couldn’t climb stairs.* If they are too dysfunctional, one wonders how they managed to hold themselves together long enough to create the death-ray or administrate their legions of goons. If their goals are too common (money and power and plenty of fawning eyecandy sycophants) then they are very believable, but not much escapist fun — I read about guys like that every time I glance at the front page.

I like Sylar — or rather, I don’t personally like Sylar because I dislike sociopath serial killers as a rule, but I like the way the character has been put together. I do worry that he’s getting way too powerful to be interesting and that we haven’t seen what drives him other than the urge to acquire yet another fresh power-filled brain. I hope we see some character development this season. What does he want?

Personally, I’ve always been fond Marvel’s Magneto. All the ways that Magneto is cool will have to wait for another post, though.

Who is your favorite villain? And why?

* Any art-car enthusiasts out there? I don’t remember who I was talking to recently, but we decided that Daleks were really just tricked-out Smart Cars. And I bet Smart Car drivers would get a lot more respect if plungers-of-death were standard equipment.


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